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$4.99   Assorted Stylo Basic Black Pants
Assorted Regular fit, double sided stitch black jeans go great with any mens costume. Pockets in front and back. 8049

$4.99   Stylo Basic Blue Jean Pants
Regular fit, double sided stitch blue jeans go great with any mens costume. Pockets in front and back. 8049

$6.99   King Of Pop Jacksons Dr Rigamortis Coroner Costume
Dr. Rigamortis costume includes black 3 button lab coat, and face mask. (pants sold separately) 8049

$7.99   Gaga Poker Face Dealer Mens Shirt
Short sleeve button down collared shirt has decorative cards, money and chips. 8049

$7.99   Mens Hospital Out Patient Costume
Costume includes blue hospital gown with open tie back. Front says "Backside County ICU". Includes wristband and blue slippers. 8049

$8.99   Assorted Halloween Costume Pants
Assorted Regular fit, boot cut, double sided navy blue pants go great with any mens costume and have pockets in front and back. 8049

$9.99   Mens Beer Sch Long Costume
A hit at any party, suspender shorts with attached sch long that unzips to hold two beer cans. Beer not included. 8049

$9.99   Sexy Mens Butler Waiter Costume
Costume includes long sleeve lycra shirt with attached velvet vest, bow tie, lycra pants and gloves. 8049

$9.99   Mens Fed And Barney Cave Man Costume
Costume includes faux suede shorts and top with leopard fur trim and plastic club. 8049

$9.99   Mens St. Patricks Leprechaun Lad Costume
Costume includes lycra shirt with attached stretch velvet vest with front button detail, bow tie and hat. Pants not included. 8049

$9.99   Mens Robber Costume
Costume includes striped long sleeve knit top, knit toque, money bag and face mask. 8049

$9.99   Mens Mummy Costume
Costume includes stretch shredded knit slip on hoody with long sleeves. Pants not included. 8049

$9.99   High Rolling Las Vegas Hunk Pimp Costume
High Rolling Hunk costume includes jacket with pockets, satin lapel, handkerchief, and matching shirt dickie with attached bow tie. Includes CRUSHED LOOK hat and faux cigar. (pants sold separately) 8049

$9.99   Wizard Academy Warlock Costume
Four piece set includes knit button loop front robe with burgundy lined hood and cuffs. Includes plastic glasses, collar with necktie.NO WAND 8049

$9.99   Mens Judge Gil T Verdict Costume Robe
Costume includes stretch black robe, "Gil T. Verdict" name tag, and plush gavel. Pants sold separately. Shirt and tie not included. 8049

$9.99   Mens Ninja Warrior Costume
Costume includes shiny stretch knit sleeveless tunic with silver accents and front lacing detail. Also include neck sash, headband, long fingerless gloves and faux sword that fits into cross strap on back of tunic. Pants sold separately. 8049

$9.99   Mens Butler Justin Credible Costume
Costume includes button front butler coat with white tuxedo shirt dickie and Satin bow tie. Includes top hat, removable 'Butler Justin Credible' name badge and white gloves. 8049

$9.99   Mens Hugh Jabone Cave Man Flintstone Costume
Costume includes tiger print velvet tunic with asymmetrical faux fur trim neckline and uneven hem. Includes brown rope belt and faux bone. 8049

$9.99   Mens Hung Lo Karate Kid Ninja Costume
Costume includes wrap front shirt and Hung Lo Dojo logo detail. Includes pants, head tie and belt. 8049

$9.99   Mens Dr Hugh Prick Doctor Costume
Three piece costume includes button front lab jacket with removable DR HUGH PRICK name badge, and giant faux needle. Pants not included. 8049

$14.99   Hey Amigo And Donkey Walker Halloween Costume
Hey Amigo includes multi-colored poncho and pants with attached stuffed donkey. Does NOT include sombrero and mustache. 8049

$19.99   Plus Size Swiss Miss Alpine Lady Costume
Sexy Swiss costume includes off the shoulder ruffle top, long skirt, lace up waist cincher and head scarf.TOP HAD RED FADE ON IT> 8049

$19.99   Michael Jacksons Doctor Costume Coat
Midnight Doc costume includes coat with patch and stethoscope. (pants and glasses sold separately) 8049

$19.99   Dark Blue Jeans For Halloween Costumes
Regular fit, double sided stitch blue jeans go great with any mens costume and have pockets in front and back. 8049

$19.99   Mens Halloween Costume Pinstripe Pimp Suit
Mens polyester pimp suit has 'zoot suit' look, two button front, decorative front pockets, and matching suit pants. 8049

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